The King and The Cockerel


The shivering sheep have lost their woolly coats and the chilly chickens are without their feathers! The greedy king believes he can take whatever he wants, but the farmer thinks it’s about time he was taught a lesson – and it comes from a very unlikely source…

The King And The Cockerel - Sarah Morrell

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The King and The Cockerel is aimed at young readers aged 5 and under. It incorporates wonderful humour and counting practice with an important message of fairness and appreciation. This delightful rhyming picture book will have children laughing and counting along as the ungrateful king is made to see the error of his ways.

Title: The King and The Cockerel
Author: Sarah Morrell
BIC subject category: YBCS – Children’s Picture Books
Distributor: Ingram Spark. Tel: 0808 1648277
Publication date: 24th August 2018
Availability: Paperback 280X216 mm 40pp Portrait
ISBN: 978-1912765065