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​I run author workshops for nurseries, schools, libraries, festivals plus visits and talks including chairing events . I have years of experience working with learners of all ages and look forward to working with you. Events include 1x 1hr sessions; Half Day sessions and Full day sessions. Please contact me for more information.

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Early Years and School Events

There’s one thing, I love more than writing books and that’s chatting about writing books! Inspiring others to believe in their stories enough to pick up a pen and create a whole new world full of exciting characters and adventure is truly awesome and a real privilege.

Over the last five years I have delivered events to hundreds of children in schools, libraries, nurseries, hospitals – even post offices and often with the help of rude parrots, crazy snakes, mischievous hockey sticks and umbrellas with a mind of their own!

My interactive author sessions are designed to build confidence, enhance story ideas, cover important themes (such as friendship, bullying, loss etc) and explore author tips and tools in a fun way across all ages.

Some of my most popular sessions include:

  • My Writing Journey – how I swapped a life with crime for prose and rhyme.
  • Animal MagicWorkshop – could you imagine a world where your pet could talk?
  • Making Memories Count Workshop – ever wondered what happens when Grandma’s jumper meets an aardvark at the bank which smells like raspberries and mud?
  • Flying Around the World Workshop – grab your coat we’re heading out! Where we go and how we get there though is entirely down to you…

The above sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your class, group or curriculum. 1x hour sessions, half-day and full day sessions are available. Please get in touch here via my Authors Aloud UK profile to discuss your school event further.
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Other Author Events

If you would like to discuss a festival, speaking or chairing event please contact me here via my contact page.

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